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AC Drives from CPI Systems


AC10 drive is a simple, reliable and economical solution to everyday motor control applications. They are simple to program There is 2 protection ratings, IP20 for General use, this is the best option for drives that are going to be mounted in control panels, etc where there will be other protection already present. There is also an IP66 option, this is for use where protection against the ingress of dust and moisture is required. The AC10 offers speed or torque control within the power range of 0.2kW to 2.2kW (230V Single Phase) and 0.2kw to 180kw (400V Three phase).


The AC10 is designed to

reduce the time and effort

required to install, setup and

commission through its easy to

use integrated keypad.

Minimal wiring requirements and

two easily accessed terminal

rails make AC10 IP66 fast and

simple to install, having you up

and running in no time at all.

Auto-tuning sensorless vector

mode takes AC10 beyond

simple V/Hz control allowing

users requiring greater dynamic

speed or torque control for their

application to benefit from the

drives enhanced 0.5 % speed

and 5 % torque accuracy.


Proven technology and

manufacturing techniques

ensure AC10 IP66 has been

engineered and built to deliver

consistently outstanding levels

of performance day in, day out

ensuring maximum uptime and



Thanks to its conformally

coated PCBs, AC10 IP66 is

able to withstand even the most

arduous class 3C3 environment

which many other drives in

this class would struggle with,

allowing you to operate the AC10

IP66 with the utmost confidence

in more applications.

ac10 keypad


IP66 / NEMA 4x apply to IEC standard 60529-2004 and assess the capability of an enclosure to resist specific environental conditions. IP66 protection represents dust tight performance as well as the ability to withstand powerful water jets from all directions. Parker AC10 IP66 offers all the great benefits of the AC10 series drives but with added environmental protection.


AC30V General purpose drive

Parker recently launched the new AC30V drive for pump, fan and general purpose applications. The design is highly modular which allows for a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required while still being built with ease of use and flexibility in mind.  The drive features a range of integrated macros for a range of applications and PLC functionality to enable users to create sophisticated control that would previously have required a separate PLC.


Designed for operation in environment class 3C3 and 3C4 for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) as standard (tested at 25ppm for 1200 hours), temperatures up to 50°C with optional integrated EMC filter to C2 1st environment and DC choke to reduce line harmonics. AC30V also Complies with RoHS substance restrictions in accordance with EC Directive 2011/65/EU.

AC30V-1 AC30V-2




  • Suitable for operation with AC induction and Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) servo motors

  • Ethernet TCP/IP as standard

  • I/O expansion options

  • Support for popular industrial fieldbuses

  • Chassis or through-panel mount as standard



  • Parker Drive Quicktool (PDQ) drive management software tool

  • Multi-language graphical keypad

  • Quick start wizards

  • Terminal Covers removeable with drive in-situ



  • Conformally coated for harsh environments protection as standard

  • Spring clamp control terminal connections

  • Isolated power stack cooling with removable fan

Clone Module

Parker recently released a clone module for the AC10 inverters meaning you can put the same parameters onto mutiple drives at just the click of a button.