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CPI Systems is a Pepperl + Fuchs certified assembler of purge equipment which can be mounted in GRP or stainless steel enclosures and safely operated in zone 1/21 hazardous areas.

When purchasing a Pepperl + Fuchs purge system from CPI you get:

- State-of-the-art solutions based on more than 10 years of experience – a family of automatic purge and pressurization systems that make hazardous location protection easy
- Technical support – anywhere in the world
- Purge and pressurization systems designed according to ATEX direction 94/9/EG, NFPA 496, and ISA 12.4 standards
- Easy integration – compact, low-profile designs that can be internally or externally mounted
- Automatic temperature and leakage control and alarming
- User interface with programming to meet most users' demands

purge 5000Q


The 5000Q is the latest Pepperl+Fuchs purge and pressurization product. The new series allows general-purpose equipment to be mounted in Ex p enclosures and operated safely in a Zone 2/22 hazardous area. Although it’s designed to be small and compact, the 5000Q is a powerful and highly advanced system. It operates by controlling and monitoring compressed instrument air or inert gas through the protected enclosure to remove and prevent the accumulation of fl ammable gas, vapors, or dust. The temperature
within the enclosure is monitored through the embedded 2-wire PT100 RTDs, and based on that emperature reading, different actions can be performed. The 5000Q is fi eld confi gurable through a structured, menu-driven program. The display screen provides feedback about the status of the system.




The new, compact 5500 series is easy to use, offering absolute reliability and efficiency. It's fully automated and provides excellent enclosure protection for electrical equipment like motors, drives, control panels and cabinets, gas analyzers, and camera monitoring systems. Whether you need gas or dust protection in the oil and gas, chemical, maritime, or offshore industry—the Bebco EPS 5500 can be used in process industries around the world for applications that previously required more expensive and heavy explosion-proof protection.

- Automatic systems for alarm, purging, and power to the enclosure!
- Built-in programming
- Programmable temperature control
- Leakage compensation

Datasheet (EPV)
Datasheet (MAN CD01)
Datasheet (MAN CDUL)
Datasheet (MAN EX01)


The 6000 series Type X, EEx ‘px’ purge pressurization system protects general-purpose equipment mounted in a standard enclosure so that it can be located and operated in a hazardous area. The hazardous area classification can be Class I and/or Class II, Division 1/Zone 1 and/or Zone
21. The 6000 series operates by controlling and monitoring compressed instrument air or inert gas through the protected enclosure(s) to remove and prevent the accumulation of flammable gas, vapors, or dust.

The 6000 series system features these main parts:
- Electronic processor (EPCU) housed in an explosion / flameproof enclosure
- Intrinsically safe electrical/pneumatic manifold assembly
- Input/output connections and controls for operation
- I.S. user interface for programming and monitoring the system
- 316L stainless steel type 4X enclosure for EPCU and connections
- Pressure relief vent with flow and pressure monitoring at the exhaust

To enquire about purge systems and get a free no obligation quote please contact us at sales@cpisystems.co.uk

purge 6000

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