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Phoenix Contact Industrial PCs and I/O Systems

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Phoenix Contact Industrial PCs - like the configurable Valueline family - are efficient and versatile solutions for the operation and monitoring of systems and machines. Their rugged design and scalable performance make them the perfect fit for any industrial application.


Industrial PCs from Phoenix Contact have a number of advantages over competitors:


  • Fanless design increases system availability

  • Long-term availability, thanks to CPU's from the Intel embedded portfolio

  • User-friendly, thanks to open IT standards and numerous interfaces

  • Easy serviceability, thanks to easily accessible components in the IPC housing

  • Easy configuration and fast delivery

  • Processor performance suited to the application: with energy-efficient Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™2 Duo or Intel® Atom™ processors

  • Operating systems for every application: Windows® XP, Windows 7, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 or Windows Embedded Standard 7

Industrial PC - disk

Valueline Industrial PC range

From image processing and visualization to control, the Valueline Box PCs are well suited for demanding applications - from wind energy to well head automation and everything in between. Thanks to their high temperature and shock resistance, numerous mounting options and scalable performance, the Valueline Box PCs are the ideal platform for any industrial application. For even more demanding applications, the wide-temperature VL MINI box PC can operate in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +65°C). It features shock resistance up to 25 g and works on input voltages of 9 V DC to 36 V DC.


The other features of the VL MINI Box PC include:


  • Extended temperature range of -40°C to 65°C

  • Shock resistant up to 20 g; vibration 5 g

  • Energy-saving Intel® Atom™ processor

  • Embedded operating systems

  • Fanless operation

  • Numerous interfaces

  • DIN rail-mountable

  • Wide input voltage (9 V DC to 36 V DC)

inline io system

Inline Modular I/O

From image processing and visualization to control, the Valueline Box PCs are well suited, supporting optimal adaptation to any automation task, the highly modular Inline I/O system offers the greatest possible benefits:


  • High selectivity

  • Digital inputs or outputs

  • Total reliability for analog sensors and actuators

  • Function terminals, motor switches, and safety products

  • Suitable for all controllers

  • Saves space in the control cabinet

  • Shorter installation time thanks to the principle of "plugging instead of wiring" (time saving up to 80%)

nanoLine Industrial PC range

The nanoLine is an innovative control platform with easy application programming and flexible, modular configurations. It requires virtually no support and is aimed at providing a simple solution for basic applications in competetive markets where connectivity is increasingly required. The nanoLine range includes:


Base units: nanoLine base units come with various power and I/O combinations. A wide variety of options, including additional I/O, communications, operator panel and real-time-clock connect the base unit.


Communications Option modules: With the installation of the RS-232 option module, the nanoLine controller can function as a Modbus RTU Server. This enables all I/O points, registers, timers, counters and system flags to be read and written remotely and independently of the program.


I/O Expansion modules: Up to 3 I/O expansion modules can be added in any combination of digital and analog. Mixing digital I/O types is also possible, for example combining an AC control with a DC I/O expansion module.


Ethernet Expansion Module: With the installation of the Ethernet expansion module, the nanoLine control can function as a Modbus TCP Server. This enables all I/O points, registers, timers, counters, program flags to be read and written remotely and independently of the program. Password control to limit this capability is also available.


Operator Panel: The Operator Panel on the nanoLine is an operator interface, permitting the program to interact with the operator. Using the Operator Panel, the operator can view the state of all I/O points, registers, timers, counters, program flags and system flags. The program also sends messages to the display to provide directions or ask for information. For easy perameter entry, nanoLine Operator Panel has numeric keys (0-9), which is unique to this product. Each of the 14 keys on the Operator Panel can also be used within a flow chart for custom menu creation to control projects.


Remote mounting for Operator Panel: The remote mounting kit contains everything needed to mount the Operator Panel through a cabinet door or wall. Once mounted the base unit and display are connected using the supplied 2ft (60cm) cable. This kit may also be used to create a handt hand-held operator panel.


Smart, simple, connected, flexible.


Smart: The nanoLine is a smart, compact control system designed to perform many tasks automatically, saving time and preventing errors.


Simple: The nanoLine controllers are programmed using an intuitive flow chart programming language that requires no programming background to produce a working program.


Connected: The nanoLine supports a new level of connectivity in its product class. nanoLine controls can be embedded into systems, monitored from a distance, or remotely controlled by a host computer, large PLC or advanced HMI.


Flexible: Select only the necessary project components with this easy-to-use, tightly-integrated, modular system.

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Phoenix Contact inLine  I/O Modules

Industrial mini PC

Phoenix Contact Valueline MINI Industrial PC