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World Series™ Motors are the latest evolutionary step in AC motor technology. This top-quality line of induction motors is distinguished by high efficiencies, advanced software design capabilities, metric frame and reputation for quality and reliability.

World Series Motors

Available in sizes up to 25,000 HP, large horizontal foot mount and vertical mount motors offer many of the time-tested features found on our World Series™ line of motors.


This top-quality line of induction motors integrate the best of new motor technologies, such as:


  • computer-aided design

  • heavy duty copper rotor construction for dependable service

  • Thermalastic epoxy insulation for unequalled dielectric strength and voltage endurance

  • rugged and strong fabricated frames for strength and reliability

  • advanced Bearing system for reliable performance


This unique blend of new and traditional features makes Crown Series motors the optimal choice for heavy industry applications anywhere in the world.

Crown Series Motors

Synchronous motors and generators provide superior value in terms of proven reliability, low maintenance performance and long life in any application. Our synchronous machines offer numerous benefits including:


  • Constant-speed operation

  • High efficiency ratings

  • Low inrush currents

  • Leading power factor (for corrective KVA capability)


These features make them the optimal choice for many industrial drive applications.

Synchronous Motors & Generators

Direct Current (DC) motors are ideally suited to a multitude of industrial and marine applications in which high torque and variable speeds are required. These applications include ship propulsion, mine hoists and steel rolling mills. DC Motors also drive many other types of industrial equipment such as fan drives, Banbury mixers and extruders.

DC Motors

WRIM Motors

  • Available from 100 HP up to 10,000 HP

  • Brushes selected that provide high performance under varying load conditions

  • High-grade steel shaft material

  • Continuously rated sliprings & brushgear

  • Brush lifting & short circuiting device available

  • Designed for high-starting torque with low inrush current

  • Don't forget to ask us to supply you with a Liquid Rheostat on a six step Resistor Bank with your Wound Rotor order!

Watercooled Motors

Water-Cooled Motors are an ideal choice for use with mining applications, tunnel-boring machines and die-cast molding presses. To better withstand these severe duty applications, the motors feature a rugged fabricated steel frame construction with cast-iron end bells and conduit boxes. Their advanced design makes them well suited for environments that may have high ambient temperatures, provide minimal space for motor operations, or require low noise.


Teco motors

Teco Electric Europe Ltd is the European division of Teco Group, a taiwanese electric motor company which has been producing motors for over 45 years. CPI has been a close business partner of TECO for many years and our