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INTERFACE Signal Converters

Countless demands are placed on INTERFACE technology in the world of automation. Digital, analog, serial, and power signals have to be converted, switched, isolated, conditioned, amplified, connected, and supplied.


The INTERFACE product range offers nearly everything for signal conditioning and for the control system. Here you can find relays, optocouplers, power supply units, PLC system cabling, signal converters for all common bus systems, fiber optic cables and analog signals, signal converters for the Ex area, monitoring modules, etc.

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INTERFACE Relay modules

INTERFACE Relays are relay modules, solid-state relays and power electronics. They enable signal exchange between the field level and higher-level control systems.


With the relay modules, you will gain the right interface soltution for your application: Regardless of whether they are used for coupling different signal levels, safe electrical isolation or for amplifying low power signals.


There are a wide range of different modules designed to suit all manner of solutions, including:


  • PLC-INTERFACE relay system: High performance interface between the controller and system I/O devices.

  • Modular relay system: DIN rail bases, relays, plug-in input/interference suppression modules, engagement levers.

  • Relay modules with modular terminal block design: DEK offers complete interface functions in one narrow modular terminal block housing of 6.2mm

  • Plug-in coupling relays and solid-state relays: System neutral range of plug in interface modules.

  • Relays in system component housing: A wide range of interface modules with soldered-in relays or solid state relays that can be freely combined.

  • Special relays and solid-state relay modules: A comprehensive portfolio of special interface solutions which completes the relay product range.

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An INTERFACE relay complete with a variety of different modules

INTERFACE Hybrid motor starters

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters from Phoenix Contact offer up to four functions in a single device no wider than your thumb. The choice is yours: from the 1-in-1 direct starter to the 4-in-1 reversing starter. Thanks to the integrated fuse and the SmartWire-DT™ connection, wiring effort is also reduced.


Our hybrid motor starters feature numerous advantages over the competition, such as:


Less space required: With four functions on a design width of just 22.5mm.

Easy wiring: Thanks to integrated locking circuit, load wiring, and SmartWire-DT™ connection.

10x Longer service life: Thanks to gentle switching by microprocessor control.

Safe Shutdown: Thanks to integrated safety function up to SIL 3 and PL e.


CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter techology combines wear-free solid-state technology and rugged relay technology. The microprocessor-controlled combination enables gentle switching, considerably reducing the load on the relay contacts. This means that the service life of hybrid motor starters is up to ten times longer than that of purely mechanical switchgear.

Motor Starter

Wear-free switching with CONTRACTRON hybrid motor starter technology.


INTERFACE Solid-state contactors

For switching AC loads, single-phase and 3-phase electronic load relays and reversing-load relays as well as 3-phase electronic reversing load relays with motor management are available. The program is supplemented by an electronic reversing load relay for DC loads.


A classical reversing contactor circuit consists of a reversing contactor combination, a motor protection relay and an additional emergency stop contactor arrangement as is frequently required in mechanical engineering for safety.


For motors up to 4 kW (5HP), these functions have been integrated in the new 22.5 mm wide "4 in 1" solid-state reversing contactor. This makes installation considerably easier and saves significant space on the DIN rail. The almost wear-free switching increases system availability.

Solid state connector

CONTACTRON Motor managers

The CONTACTRON motor manager protects motors and parts of the system driven by them. It uses the motor as a sensor and permanently monitors its real power. The real power is the most important electrical value for your system.


Motor Protection: The motor manager provides full motor protection in one device:

  • Thermistor evaluation

  • Electronic motor protection relay

  • Adjustable trigger curves


Motor and system monitoring: By using the motor as a sensor and the integrated real power measurement, the motor manager is able to monitor the motor.

This makes additional sensors unnecessary, and the system is also monitored for malfunctions and wear.


Motor management with fieldbus connection: Where motor management has to be integrated into a fieldbus environment, the PROFIBUS gateway, which is available as an add-on device, offers a space-saving and low-cost solution. It couples up to 32 motor managers to the fieldbus via T-connectors.


Easy configuration and diagnostics with the CONTACTRON software: The CONTACTRON-DTM-IFS software also allows you to acquire operational data from all connected motor managers, in addition to straightforward configuration and diagnostics. This solution is particularly cost-effective and easy to install when handling several monitored motors.


Simple connectivity with CONTACTRON